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Our Mission:
The mission of The Fun Bunch is to provide for the recreational needs and to improve the quality of social skills of adults living with a serious mental illness within Maricopa County through non-clinical peer-run services.

Membership in The Fun Bunch is available to all SMI Maricopa County PNO service recipients. Membership application packets can be obtained from case managers, rehab specialists, peer-run clubhouse/recovery centers and at The S.T.A.R. Centers’ membership web page:

A complete membership application packet consists of five forms, a Member Information form, a Privacy form, a Referral form, S.T.A.R. Realease of Information form, and Photo Release from. To be considered a member and be eligible to attend activities an application packet must be accompanied by a current ISP and Annual Assessment. You only need to apply for membership once and attend at least one event per year to remain an active member. If you become inactive you must reapply for membership.

Reservations for Activities:
Each member is responsible for making their own reservations for activities by calling The Fun Bunch line: 602-685-0280. Reservations will be taken in the order of date and time they are placed. Reservations open 4 weeks prior to an event. Dates when reservations open will be indicated on the event calendar next to each event. Reservations close 2 weeks prior to the event. At the close of reservations you will be contacted by phone to confirm your reservation and a pick-up location. Some activities will have a limited number of spaces available and will be first call, first served. Once these spaces are filled, a standby list will be created. Having 1 “No Show” for any event will result in your name being put after all those members with zero “No Shows”. All members having 1 “No Show” will be put in the order of date and time their reservation was placed. Having 2 or more “No Shows” is a disqualification for limited ticket events.

Limited transportation is available. You must request pick-up when you make your reservation. When your transportation is confirmed you will be advised of your pick-up point. Return transportation is supplied.

Activity Attendance:
All activities will be at no cost to the recipients. For those activities when tickets must be purchased, it is very important that you attend or cancel your reservation so that another member will be able to go.

Associate Organizations:
The Fun Bunch is a collaboration of S.T.A.R. Central, S.T.A.R. East, and S.T.A.R. West. These centers have come together to make available recreational and cultural opportunities for all SMI Maricopa County PNO service recipients.

Selection of Activities:
We are always looking for suggestions of fun and exciting activities. If you have a suggestion please call The Fun Bunch line at 602-685-0280 or Email

Dates of Activities:
Calendars listing the activities for each month will be posted at all Maricopa County Behavioral Health clinics, Recovery Centers and all other providers that wish to have their clients participate in the activities. Recipients may request a current calendar by calling The Fun Bunch line at 602-685-0280 or Emailing

If you have a question regarding a specific event, membership, or transportation please leave a message on The Fun Bunch Line at 602-685-0280, or Email All phone messages and emails will be returned as soon as we are able.

Employees from the S.T.A.R. Centers staff the Fun Bunch. Annalisa Palacios from STAR, is the director of the project. You can reach the sponsors at:

1310 W University
Mesa, Arizona 85201
Fax: 480-668-8919

STAR Central
2144 East Roosevelt St
Phoenix, Arizona 85006
Fax: 602-685-1298

605 N. Central Ave
Avondale, AZ 85323
Fax: 623-932-2737

fun bunch new years
Dancing at the annual New Year’s Eve Celebration.

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Fun Bunch Logo

fun bunch seaworld
The Fun Bunch at SeaWorld San Diego

fun bunch halloween
The Annual Halloween Dinner and Dance

fun bunch horseback
Horseback riding in Arizona.